Zlatan Ibrahimovic caps four-goal game against England with overhead, empty-net goal

LONDON — Zlatan Ibrahimovic illuminated a low-key night of international friendlies on Wednesday, scoring an audacious overhead kick from 30 yards to cap his four-goal display in Sweden’s 4-2 win over England.

Ibrahimovic’s one-man show in Stockholm — featuring what both his opponents and pundits hailed as one of the greatest goals seen in recent years — overshadowed two high-profile matches between fierce European rivals, with the Netherlands and Germany drawing 0-0 and France coming from behind to beat Italy 2-1 away.

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Friends Share Vegetarian Adventure in New Children’s Book by Brooklyn Brown

A friend’s tofu burger haunts a youngster’s dreams and leads him to try this untraditional food in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing.

(PRWEB) November 14, 2012 — Trying new things isn’t always easy, as Kifaru and his friends learn in this new illustrated children’s book. Most kids bring traditional lunch food, but Lily, a vegetarian, brings something unusual to share with everyone. Will Kifaru work up the courage to have a small culinary adventure and taste something new?

When Lily first invites Kifaru to try her tofu burger and describes how it’s just a burger made from soybeans, he tells her “Next time.” It’s so unusual he can’t stop thinking about the burger and even has a nightmare about it. But when he forgets his lunch the next day, it’s Lily to the rescue with an extra tofu burger. Kifaru’s enthusiasm once he finally tastes the burger inspires everyone to sample it.

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Review: Bella is on a tear in ‘Twilight’ finale

‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2′ is the best of the franchise. Most notably, it lets Kristen Stewart’s reborn Bella really cut loose and have fun.

From the moment Bella Swan blinks those blood-red eyes of a newborn vampire, you just know that “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2″ is going to be vampirrific. Which is not quite the same as terrific, but for the swooning series that made heartthrobs of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, it just feels right.

In its fifth and theoretically final film, the mega movie monster spawned by novelist Stephenie Meyer‘s phenomenon spends virtually all of its 115 minutes feeding the unquenchable thirst its fans have for all things “Twilight.” To give “BD2″ its due, it is the best of the bunch and will be much loved by Twihards, which should by no means be mistaken for praise.

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Israel Extends Air Strikes on Gaza as Hamas Retaliates

Retaliation between Israelis and several militant groups on the Gaza strip continues.

Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip stretched into another day as Hamas and other militant groups retaliated, the latest escalation of violence between the two sides that followed Israel’s assassination Wednesday of Hamas’ top military commander.

Three Israelis were killed in the southern town of Kiryat Malakhi by rocket fire this morning. These are the first Israeli deaths in this escalation.

Israel’s Air Force has hit more than 150 targets across Gaza since the operation, dubbed “Pillar of Defense,” began Wednesday evening. The first strike was on Ahmed Jabari, the chief of staff of the military wing of Hamas, the Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades. It was followed by a wave of airstrikes on other militants, buildings and installations, notably launching sites and rockets, which included the long-range Fajar rockets that could reach Tel Aviv.

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Christian Bale Bails On New Ridley Scott Movie, ‘Child 44?

Child 44, a book written by Tom Rob Smith, is going to be a Ridley Scott movie.

Christian Bale bails out on Ridley Scott’s new movie, Child 44, passing up an offer to star in the movie about Soviet police investigating a series of brutal child murders.

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Justin Bieber hears the sound of the police… as singer gets another driving ticket

Popular singer, Justin Beiber, had another encounter with the police.

Justin Bieber seems to be making a habit of run-ins with the police after the teen star was brought to a halt again by the long arm of the law.

Bieber was stopped by police while at the wheel of a white Ferrari on Tuesday night after making an ‘unsafe left turn.’

And after the officer inspected his documentation, it was allegedly discovered that his registration had expired and he was given a ticket reported TMZ. Read the rest of this post »

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Kristen Stewart Desperate For A Job, Wants Direction For Her Career After Twilight

Twilight star, Kristen Stewart, is hoping to make more movies after the final installment of the Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Kristen Stewart, best known for her role as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga, reflected on her time with the series at the Los Angeles premiere of the final installment Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  She discussed how she felt about the movie and her career.  She also told E! News that what she really wants is to start thinking about her next project.

 Stewart told E! News:  “I’m kinda desperate to get a job right now. I’m itching to go back to work.” Read the rest of this post »
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Eddie Murphy & Beverly Hills Cop are actually coming back

CBS is working on remaking the 1984 hit movie Beverly Hills Cop as a tv series.

If we ever thought Hollywood was not out of original ideas we really need look no further than to see Red Dawn is being re-made, and now the 1984 comedy that made Eddy Murphy a giant star, Beverly Hills Cop, is now going to be a TV show.

It has nearly been 30 years since Axel Foley left Detroit to investigate the murder of his friend in SoCal, so maybe a reboot can work. CBS is working on this in conjunction with Murphy. Read the rest of this post »

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Attacks Resume After Israeli Assault Kills Hamas Leader

Casualties in Gaza continue to rise as Israel launched their attack.

JERUSALEM —Israeli warplanes struck dozens of militant sites in Gaza early on Thursday, the second day of Israel’s deadly offensive against Hamas and other militant groups, and rockets fired from the enclave reached far into Israel, killing three civilians when one struck an apartment block in a small southern town.

Palestinians extinguished a fire after an Israeli airstrike on a car carrying Ahmed al-Jabari, who ran Hamas’s military wing, on Wednesday in Gaza City.

These were the first casualties on the Israeli side since Israel launched its campaign, the most ferocious assault on Gaza in four years in response to persistent Palestinian rocket fire. Read the rest of this post »

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Toyota recalls U.S. Priuses in 2.77M global recall

Toyota’s own faulty specifications led to Wednesday’s recall of 670,000 older Prius hybrids in the U.S. for potentially defective steering, the automaker acknowledges.

And about 350,000 of those same Priuses also were recalled Wednesday for water pumps that could cause the cars to stall.

The steering problem “is a design-related issue — insufficient hardness on the specification,” says Brian Lyons, Toyota’s spokesman for safety issues in the U.S.

The two U.S. recalls are part of larger global actions for these problems that cover nearly 2.8 million vehicles of various models.

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